Teaching Staff

Sharon Gray - Academy Director

Sharon Gray – Academy Director

My name is Sharon Gray and I officially founded the Academy in 1997. I started dancing from 3 years old and found my passion in life. I was a very shy child and teenager and I found my confidence in dance. I am now truly blessed to be able to share my experiences and knowledge with children and young people, who also have a passion for dance and performing. I have always had a dream to create a home from home for our members and have realised that dream when we moved into our own premises in 2014. I love that the Academy has created a second family for many and provided hundreds of young people with priceless memories and experiences. I have gained my teaching qualifications up to Licenate with the I.D.T.A. and am also qualified up to Level 5 with the USASF for Cheerleading and Tumbling.

Rebecca Gray - Dance Director

Rebecca Gray – Dance Director

My name is Rebecca Gray, I’m 27 years old and I am the eldest daughter of Sharon, the Academy Director. I have been a part of the Academy, since it was founded in 1997. After graduating from University College Birmingham with a BA (Hons) degree in Early Childhood studies, I decided that my passion lay in teaching children to dance and so became a full-time partner at the Academy. I am now the director of the entire dance syllabus and choreograph for all of our competitive jazz teams, as well as our recreational dance classes. I am truly honoured to have coached our senior jazz team since 2012 and since gained 4 bids to the World Championships in Orlando, Florida. I am qualified up to Associate level with the I.D.T.A. and up to Level 5 with the U.S.A.S.F.

Cheerleading Director - Lauren Gray

Lauren Gray – Cheerleading & Tumbling Director

My name is Lauren Gray (also well-known-as Floss), I am 24 years old and I am the youngest daughter of Sharon, the Academy director. I have been involved with the Academy since it was founded by my mother in 1997. After graduating from De Montfort University with a BSC (Hons) degree in Psychology with Education studies, I became a partner in the Academy and became the director of our cheerleading program. Whilst completing my degree, I soon realised that my real passion lay in cheerleading and coaching young people. I am now the choreographer and coach of all of the Academy’s competitive teams, of which my greatest success was leading the teams to a top 2 finish in every division at Nationals in 2015. I am fully qualified with the U.S.A.S.F. up to Level 5 in Cheerleading and Tumbling.

Amy Webb - Assistant Coach

Amy Webb – Dance, Cheerleading & Gymnastics Coach

I have been with the Sharon Ann Academy since I was 2 and a half years old and have loved and appreciated every minute of it. Sharon has taught me everything I know and has given me unbelievable opportunities, such as dancing at the Royal Albert Hall and representing England in Florida at worlds. I have also been on cheer camps to Florida and Texas to train. I have been teaching with Sharon for a while now and love watching the kids progress and seeing them turn into incredible athletes. SA is like a second family to me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Academy, Sharon, Beckie and Floss. I can’t wait to continue to work with the academy and see what the future has in store.

Rebekah Leadbeater - Tumbling/Gymnastics Director

Rebekah Leadbeater – Tumbling/Gymnastics Coach

My name is Rebekah Leadbeater and I am 24 years old. I first joined Sharon’s Academy over 6 years ago and competed in the senior team ‘Lil Saints’. I now train with the level 5 team Cru5h. Before joining the Academy, I trained and competed as a gymnast for 6 years. I have then transferred this knowledge into coaching tumbling at the Academy, working with the boys and girls within the cheer teams to gain their full potential, and meet the requirements of each level.

Rebecca Fletcher - Dance, Cheerleading & Gymnastics Coach

Rebecca Fletcher – Dance, Cheerleading & Gymnastics Coach

I have been a member of the academy for 14 years and have been dancing since 2002 from the age of 10. In this time I have performed in the annual dance shows, many displays and carnivals. I have also worked my way up to my final IDTA dance exam, which I will take in March 2016 with plans to take my Associate Teaching exam later this year. I have been teaching dance at the academy for 2 years and in the last 12 months I have had the privilege of teaching and choreographing for my own dance class. I started cheerleading in 2007 just after it was first introduced to the Academy. I started competing at Junior level 1 with Ice Cold Elite and currently compete on two of the Academy’s senior teams at level 3 and 4. In this time I have had many amazing opportunities with the Academy including attending training camps in Florida & Texas. Since passing my BGU cheer coaching course I have been coaching cheer at the academy for 2 and half years. I started teaching recreational classes and in the past year I have also enjoyed being an assistant coach for our mini level 1 team, Snowflakes.

Richard Vale - Tumbling Coach

Richard Vale – Tumbling Coach

My name is Richard Vale and I’m 21 years old. This is my first season at SA Academy training and competing with Cru5h. I’ve only been cheering for 4 years. However, previously to this I’ve been a gymnast, trampolinist, and dancer. I have been involved in gymnastics for 12 years at West Bromwich Gymnastics Club. I then went on to be an international gymnast in power tumbling coming 5th in the Championships and national champion in acrobatics. I’ve had training with Team GB National and International teams as well as having training camps with many international coaches. The knowledge I have on tumbling ranges from basic to advanced levels. I hope to now share this knowledge and understanding of tumbling with all athletes at the academy, and inspire them to become the best athlete they can be.

Rosie O'Regan picture

Rosie O’Regan – Assistant

Hello, my name is Rosie O’Regan and I am 17 years old. I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years before joining SA Academy in 2013. I have been cheerleading with the SA Academy for 3 years and I currently compete on SA Extreme which is a senior co-ed level 3 team, SA Fusion which is a senior all girl level 4 team and SA Cru5h which is the senior restricted level 5 team. I obtained my BGU coaching course through the academy, therefore I am a qualified level 1 and 2 cheerleading and gymnastic coach. I coach several gymnastic classes on a Saturday morning at the academy which I  thoroughly enjoy. I have learnt many things during my time at the academy and have made many friends who I now consider my second family, I enjoy every second of my time at SACA and look forward to future events within the academy.

Ellie-Rose Powell

Ellie-Rose Powell – Assistant

My name is Ellie-Rose Powell, I am 18 years old. I have been dancing with the Sharon Ann Academy since the age of 3. I have performed in many dance shows over the years, helping me gain more experience throughout. I am also currently in the middle of taking my dance exams with the school and have recently achieved a ‘Stars 3′ award. I had the pleasure to perform at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London in 2014, which has added to my experiences as a dancer. Just over a year ago I was given the opportunity to be able to teach dance and gymnastics in the school which I gladly accepted, along with my school studies, which include A Level Dance. Working with Sharon Ann has given me the confidence I need for performing and also for my personal life. I believe as a teacher I can not only teach dance but also help others develop new skills the way I developed when I first started dancing.

Sophie Deeley - Assistant

Sophie Deeley – Assistant

My name is Sophie Deeley, I am 15 years old and I am currently in year 9 at Smestow School. I’ve been dancing with The Sharon Ann Academy since the age of four, I began with freestyle dance lessons and as the school progressed and expanded I started joining other teams within the academy such as cheerleading and jazz at a competitive level, both nationally and internationally. I teach cheer and dance to all age groups within the academy. The school has given me and my team mates many opportunities, rewarding all our hard work and training, enabling us to perform on some of the most renowned dance stages in the world. I am most excited about dancing with KBM Talent at Dance Excellence in California in March 2016 and competing at Dance Worlds representing the UK in April 2016 in Florida.

Ellie Farmer - Assistant

Ellie Farmer – Assistant

My name is Ellie Farmer and I joined Sharon Ann academy of Cheer and Dance in 2010 . I joined the junior jazz team in 2012, in which we have had great success . We have been grand champions multiple times. A year later I joined the cheer team and have progressed from being in the youth team Spirit to the most advanced team in the Academy, Fusion. I then joined the senior jazz team, Supreme and will proudly be representing my country in the forth coming World Dance Championship in America, 2016. I have also become a coach helping with the younger members of the Academy, which I thoroughly enjoy and hope that it will continue for the foreseeable future.

Aimee Johnson picture

Aimee Johnson – Assistant

My name is Aimee Johnson and I am 17 years old. I have been dancing with the Sharon Ann Academy of cheer and dance for over 11 years. When I am older, I would love to go into a dance career and I believe that the Academy has given me the guidance and opportunities to do this whilst making friends for life. I am currently in SA Supreme and I am fortunate to be going to the 2016 Dance Worlds Championships. I currently assist in the Academy’s dance classes on a Monday and Tuesday evening.


Megan Underhill – Assistant

Hi, I’m Megan and I’m 17 years old. I’ve been with SA academy for 3 years and prior to that attended Wolverhampton gymnastics club and competed for around 7 years. I currently compete on 3 of the competitive cheerleading teams and will also be representing my country at the 2016 Dance Worlds with the senior jazz team. I also help to coach the tiny 1 team and teach in a number of the recreational cheerleading and gymnastic classes.

Freya Walker - Assistant

Freya Walker – Assistant

My name is Freya and I have been part of the academy since I was 4. I am part of 3 competitive cheer teams and have just recently been accepted on to the senior jazz team, Supreme. I have competed in many competitions and performed at Her Majesty’s Theatre. I now coach in the beginners cheer and gymnastic class.

Molly Paskin - Assistant

Molly Paskin – Assistant

My name is Molly Paskin I’m 18 years old , and have been dancing with Sharon Ann since I was 4. I have performed in the dance shows every year, gaining more experience and confidence with each passing year. I have also taken my exams with the school and am pleased with my own progress and skill improvements. I had the pleasure of performing at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London in 2014 adding to my experience’s as a dancer. I have competed with the school cheerleading teams from 2006 to 2014. During this time I became part of a closely knit team and learnt to work together through both success and failure. I decided to accept the offer to start teaching dance just over a year ago, and along with my school studies which also include A level dance, my confidence and personal ambitions have grown again. Working with Sharon Ann has given me confidence, not only as a performer, but also in my personal life. I feel that as a teacher I can help to develop new performers with more confidence, self esteem and other important life skills such as dealing with success or failure.

Leanne Deeley - Dance/Latin & Salsa Instructor

Leanne Deeley – Dance/Latin & Salsa Instructor

My name is Leanne Deeley and I am 27 years old. I have been part of the academy since the very beginning back in 1997. I recently took a year out of dancing and teaching to focus on my work, but soon realised that it’s a part of me that I couldn’t let go of; so now I am back at the academy doing what I love and sharing my passion with the students that I teach. During my time at the academy I have been given the most amazing opportunities such as competing at the Dance World Championships in Florida, dancing in California, performing on cruise ships and a cheerleading camp in Texas. I am qualified in Freestyle to associate level with the I.D.T.A.

Niamh Emms- Assistant

Niamh Emms- Assistant

My name is Niamh Emms and I am 16 years old. I have been dancing at SA Academy since I was 10 and I fell in love with dance from my very first class. SA Academy has taught me everything I know about dance and given me so many amazing opportunities as well as helping me with my confidence and giving me lifelong friends. I am currently in the Senior Jazz Worlds team, Supreme and I’m fortunate enough to be attending Worlds for the second time in 2017. I currently help coach two jazz teams and a techniques class and have found a passion for it. When I am older I would love a career in dance or as a dance teacher and I feel like the academy is helping me towards this goal.


Ruby Dunn – Assistant

My name is Ruby Dunn and I’ll soon be 14 years old. I first started cheer at SA at the age of 7 in 2011, proudly gaining a place with Spirit. This lead to joining youth Jazz, as I also found my passion for dance at SA. Since then I have worked hard and developed my skills, cheering with Elite, Extreme, Fusion & proudly becoming a member of SA’s first level 5 team Cru5h. My dance has also been very successful, being part of the brilliant Junior Jazz team will hopefully one day lead to my dream, dancing with Supreme at Worlds. I’m currently assisting coaches at SA with the little ones, I love to help coach and hope to move up the coaching ladder one day too.

Rebecca Wright

Rebecca Wright – Assistant

My name is Rebecca Wright and I joined Sharon Ann Academy 2 years ago. Since I have been at the academy I have been involved in annual shows, competitions and dance exams. I am currently on a junior level 3 team and a senior level 2 team. Also I have been participating in jazz classes at the academy since I started and have loved every minute of it! I have also started to coach younger members of the academy in their recreational classes and hope that this will continue.

Erin O'Hara - Assistant

Erin O’Hara – Assistant

My name is Erin O’Hara and I joined the academy in 2010 when I was 7.  I compete in both cheerleading and dancing and thoroughly enjoy both of them. Over the years I have been apart of various different teams and have loved them all! I have been given some amazing opportunities and I am enjoying the new aspect of coaching the younger generation in recreational classes and will soon obtain my BGU course for coaching.

Olivia Cope - Assistant

Olivia Cope – Assistant

My names Olivia Cope, and i joined SA Academy in 2014. Since i have joined i have took part in annual Christmas shows, dance exams and cheer competitions. I am currently on a junior level 1, senior level 2 and a junior 3 team. Also, i am proud to be part of the academy’s first senior hip hop team, SA Cyclones which i am looking forward to be competing in. I also participate in jazz classes which i have loved being involved in since i joined the academy. I currently coach the younger members of the academy in recreational classes, which i thoroughly enjoy and hope that this will continue.